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I was actually applauding by the end; that whole documentary skit was classic. A bit on the long side though; that's not a bad thing, but a scene select would be the icing on the cake for this.

Share with everybody I remotely know.

Ok, this isn't half bad...

After watching all of the shorts (easter egg too), I feel like I can say that this comes across as a sort of underdog collab. Overall, I found the humor to be OK. I laughed at all of them. The art was varied in quality as is to be expected with these kinds of collabs. None of it was so bad that it was a turn off. Out of all of them, I found Pot Head to be the worst, but it wasn't all bad. The sword could have been drawn much worse. I think this collab came out ok.


Pardon the pun, but...

Stellar animation! Those backgrounds were amazing! I didn't actually realize he was dreaming until the end. I didn't notice the Space Captain Atmos or whoever that is on the blanket till the end.

You captured the magic of xmas and put it in a flash. Well done!


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I thought this was going to be a parody...

...with tutus and everything. However, for 2003 I guess this is ok I guess. The boots a tad too big and the gun is a bit wonky. But, I do like his expression; it's exactly how a guardsmen should look - like "I really don't to be here right now. Please put me out of my misery."


Very interesting.

The lack of in-game sound is interesting. The controls were a bit hard at first, but then I got used to it. Because it is all on the keyboard, the pitter-patter of the keyboard gives the game sound. I find the controls to be the interesting twist to the generic top down shoot'em up.


This is both stupid, silly, smart, dumb, awesome, and kinda funny. I sorta like the political statements, but my favorites were the NP-Problem one, the memes one, and the calculus one. There is so much random awesome in this!

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This is like perfect for Need for Speed or Midnight Club. Maybe even Unreal Tournament. I think it could use a little better mixing in some places. Then again, it would lack a bit of that "oldskool screamer" charm.

Everything up to 2:30 feels like it could make for a really epic loop. Overall, I like this. It's obviously not your best since it is an oldie, but I really do like songs that have that oldskool sound like this one does. It's refreshing to hear something that sounds like it's from 1999 minus the 8-bit samples.


Lashmush responds:

Yeah, I have tons of old modules like this (both my own and by other oldskool trackers) and it's weird how when I start listening to them they feel so outdated and flat but a minute or so into it, when the ears readjust, they sort of kick into effect and then they're just fun to listen to. :3

Thanks for the feedback!

Great job on the vocals. The overall mix is pretty smooth. I like how it breaks down into almost a trance step instead of aggrostep. I also find the dubstep growls and effects to be fairly original, rarely using an overused effect. There is a personal spin to everything here; very little generic anything. Great use of subtle glitch effects!

Pro quality!


hanorotu responds:

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to give me a review. I read them all and everyone counts!

I think this is pretty original, and I like the variety instruments. However, and maybe this is just me, it seems like the song kind of clashes with itself. I don't exactly know what it is - maybe the filter effects or the harmonies or something else - but the song is a bit chaotic sounding; it's got this tension bordering on unpleasantness. But I do actually like what you've made here. It's an interesting blend of many sounds and themes. I can't recall exactly what this reminds me of, but it is good what I hear.
After listening to it a few times now, it has an oldskool feeling I find reminiscent of the early 90's tracker scene.

Sum up:
Upbeat, a journey of a struggle, than a rise back up facing some obstacles than a triumph.
I feel like this works better as a loop than a song in its current mix; the ending feels a bit too abrupt. A few small tweaks could easily make this a seamless loop. (this is the only reason why I'm giving you only 9/10; an oversight perhaps or running out of ideas. Everything else is perfect for what it is
I like it! I feel like it could use some focus, but may that slight tension is intentional; maybe there are too many instruments - too much variety? (just my opinion)
Either way good job on the mixing, transitions, and mastering; it's got great production values.


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